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TPCL raises private equity via a limited partnership to invest in revenue producing real estate.  Our main interest is commercial real estate and it comprises the majority of our portfolio.  Properties range in value from $3,000,000 to $10,000,000.

TPCL qualified investors participate in TPCL management and development projects.  TPCL raises investment equity in accordance to the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan.

To invest with TPCL investors must qualify under one of the available exemptions.  To find out more or to request qualifying criteria please contact us at

Real Prairie Properties LP

Real Prairie Properties LP (Limited Partnership) is a private equity partnership that owns seven properties in Saskatchewan.

Check out these properties using the page references at the top of the page.

Property Management

TPCL acquires properties and manages them on behalf of Real Prairie Properties LP.

Properties that hold the greatest interest are multi-tenant buildings such as strip malls.

Properties are acquired for long term holding, with terms in the range of 10 years to perpetuity.  Returns are expected to be generated from distribution of excess cash flow along with long-term capital gains.

Property Development

Management properties are preferred but when opportunities arise TPCL may develop properties on behalf of Real Prairie Properties LP.

Development properties may be new builds from the ground up or may be rebuilds of older properties.

Upon completion, the developed properties will normally then transfer to TPCL Management.