Dewdney Central

2410 Dewdney Avenue

39,000 square feet of tenant space and common areas on two levels, Dewdney Central is a "new" building in Regina's historic warehouse area.

A concrete buildng with all new plant and equipment (wiring, plumbing, HVAC, roof, elevator, parking lot) this building is positioned for decades of service.

Our Starting Point

Here's how it looked at the start of construction.  Google Streetview image as of April 2015.

New Roof

All new HVAC roof top units were installed, followed by a new roof.

Open Concept

A new skylight provides natural light inside the main entrance and above the stairs to the lower level.

Main Entrance

An atrium was built to showcase the main entrance, with a lift providing wheelchair access to the main floor and the elevator.

Dewdney Avenue Entrance

As the former railyards on the south side of the street redevelop, Dewdney Avenue will become a busier pedestrian thoroughfare.  An atrium was built to provide street appeal and access to the building.


 Our biggest project to date, Dewdney Central was purchased in 2014 for redevelopment from an existing warehouse style building to an indoor mall.

Located across the street and adjacent to the Railyard Renewal Project (RRP), a City of Regina initiative for a 10 to 15 year project to redevelop 17.5 acres to a new mixed-use area, Dewdney Central complements the Warehouse District and the RRP. 

Design and construction took 18 months to the time our first tenant opened for business in the new space.  Construction was completed by mid 2016.  Dewdney Central has seven tenants with more expected in coming months.